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LUNKARA /noun/ 1. nothing will break your spirit. 2. You will find a new identity, new energy, and unity. 


I’m Osagiele Eromosele, CEO and Founder of LUNKARA. I started LUNKARA in May of 2020 to connect my Nigerian lineage with modern fashion. Having worked in fashion for over 10 years, from J.Crew to the Gap, I’ve always been passionate about fashion and the impact it has on our lives - how we see ourselves and how others see us. 


I started in the store, helping customers and stocking shelves, and then moved up to the corporate side, helping executives make decisions about inventory management. It’s through this end-to-end lens that I envisioned LUNKARA. The foundation of LUNKARA was built to connect. Embracing the brand’s Nigerian roots yet connecting to a global audience. The brand’s vault holds the Ankara facemask collection, clothing line and accessories. The Ankara collection has three selections: Benin, Irrua, and Lagos - each named after a community in southern Nigeria, from where the brand’s Founder, Osagiele hails. 


Realizing the importance of daily essentials, the brand continues to add more product to the assortment.With simple silhouettes curated LUNKARA aims to bring versatility and balance to any wardrobe. LUNKARA’s palette will consist of face-masks, clothing, and accessories. Apart from fabric and silhouettes, Osagiele aims to connect people to the brand by driving inspiration through fashion.

Osagiele Eromosele,


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